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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


When I came across COZMO TV, I thought that this is another TV channel. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to visit their site to get some information. Then I found out that COZMO TV is similar to you tube. That is, finding our desired television channels in the web by just using keywords rather than channels or time. Moreover, it caters the need to have easy information to the various amount of video available online. COZMO TV is also ready to accommodate the day, in which, anything and anywhere around the globe is being broadcast on TV via the Web. They believe that most content owners and advertisers are beginning to embrace open models of content syndication; allowing their content to go wherever people want to watch it since it can be tracked and monetized at the edge of the network.

Take for instance this Smart Girl at the party. It features about girl power, though young, but they have their talent exposed to the World Wide Web. Try to grab this widget to embed on your blogs, MySpace or Face book pages. Anyway, it is for free.

Come to help spread this great site.

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