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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Proud Mother

I am happy to received the first grading card of my daughter. So happy because her math, english and science are all 91 and her filipino is 92 all the others are 90 except for the music, arts and physical education (MAPE) subject, she got 83, the lowest and the only line of 8. Fine with me atleast she had not failed the subject. However, her deportment is just B. toink!

When I got to talk to my friend, we discussed about some homeworks and she told me, "hey! I would like to congratulate you!", I asked her, "for what?" Your daughter is one of the top ten students in her class (there are 30 pupils in class). "Really?!" I was so proud to have heard that because even without any tutors or regular study habbit she made it. hahaha! My daughter had not told us that she landed the number 10 slot. woohoo!

I immediately congratulate my darling daughter. I also asked her why her deportment is only B. She replied, "Mama, I am talking while the teacher is lecturing." Oh! that explains why. hehehe. She's talkative in class.

I hope she will improve her MAPE subject next grading.

1 comment:

Bunda Rierie said...

..i;m happy for you.. connie

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