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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All About Me

All About Me . . . . . . uhhhhhm

Nothing so much special about me but I know I am important to my family and friends. I am just another woman who had found just one love . . . yes, my husband was my first and last boyfriend. Many were asking why I have not look for another. I told them that he always love me and I love him so. Would you believe I am also his first girl? What a coincidence isn't it?!

I do have many crushes in the past. I even had a big crush or was infatuated with a classmate back in high school. The feelings I had with my ex-boyfriend was (now husband) so different from I had back then. It is free from day dreaming more of a reality, hehehehe.

Why I did not look for another to compare with?

I would not gamble my feelings. If I had look for another, will I ever find like him or better? I believe not. He loved me for what I am and accepted even all my weaknesses. I do believe that once you found someone you love never took them for granted nor leave them because maybe someone might find them before returning back to them. heheheehe.

Now I am hapily married and blessed with a daughter, as you've seen and read in my past post.

In our 5 year together, I never remeber a dull moment with him nor regret that I chose him.

During the past 5 years, I also gained weight. No so much weight, hehehehehe. I used to weigh 50kg to 60kg but now . . . no don't ask me!!!

See me grows sidewards. LOL!



reanaclaire said...

Hi, dont worry about growing long we are healthy and normal, that is what counts..
About PPP, same with me, i cannot seem to grab opps like others do.. real disappointing..actually, how do we know our real rank? where to find out? i know google didnt give me any PR... still zero, nil.. :)
hope we can share our views and knowledge as how to go about it.. to improve on our blogs..

my other web is a christian blog at

reanaclaire said...

thanks for yr information, dear.. i appreciate it. normally when i m sound asleep, the ppp will be opened..haha.. that is why i never can grab cos i am sleeping away then...
perhaps one day, i sleep during the day and stay awake through the nite.. :)

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