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Friday, September 5, 2008

Look at her

I posted such picture in my other blog, My Interest, and I decided to post it here in All About Me. Well, those are just a few pictures of my darling daughter.
She really grows fast ... oh! hehehe, all the kids really grows fast, hehehehe. Though I want her to remain as a litle girl but time wont permit it, as time goes by, the bigger she get. Oh no! Meaning I'm getting older! Gosh! I am already in my 30s and I only have 1 child. Anyway, I am still young because as they say Life Begins at 40, hehehehehehe.
Back to my daughter. . .
One time, my husband and I caught her talking. We heard her say, "Huh, you! You are hiding from me. Just wait!" We asked her, "Wyne, whom are you talking to?" Then she aswered innocently, "To my SNOT! it always hiding from me!" We were really laughing of what she'd done.
Oh well, kids do have punch line and funny stuff to which adults really enjoyed.

1 comment:

Bunda Rierie said...

wow...beautiful daughter... i think the face is like u connie.. so sweetttt

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