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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Inviting you

To all my blogger friends kindly visit my bestfriend's blog Life and Love. She is new to the blogger world and I hope she will be able to enjoy blogging and meet new friends. I used to invite her to blog but due to constraint schedule she was not able to do so until this month. Kindly welcome her and invite her to be your cyber friends. I know she will be happy. Besides, you will really enjoy reading her posts plus the information she shares. Actually, I am one of her admirers and you will understand why. And you know what? She is my grammar teacher, my copyreader and my word bank.

So Marge, please prepare a friends corner!


Dhemz said...

ayay! another blogger in the making...ehehehe...will check out her blog...:)

billig einkaufen said...

cool site -love it

Leder Aktentasche said...

Hey this is really funny

Ideas and Reviews said...

I just did check her. ur such a great friend! I warmly welcome her to the blogosphere.

story song said...

Thanks for info. These comments are all visiting this friend. And I'll follow your advice, I hope your friend is willing to accept me as a friend. greetings and success always.

mode blog said...

this is great - thanks a lot

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