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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Did it Happen to you? Please Help

I used to grab some opportunities from or . According to their terms and condition that they will only pay the opportunities you grab upon reaching the threshold of $100. I already reached the threshold last April 2010 but until now they have not paid me. I already sent several tickets for them to sent the money I earned through paypal but to no avail. Worse, their administration never replied. Are you a member of payingpost? Did they pay you? If yes, please help me.

Ofcourse, paying post is very different from payperpost because payperpost is really paying after 30 days from the date of posting.

I am posting this because I would like to let other blogger know what payingpost is doing. I have the right to collect the fee. I earned it, I authored the post requested, I faithfully followed their requirements. I hope they will realized and eventually pay the money I earned. 


Story in Indonesian Songs said...

I do not know it happened or not related, but if it does happen, it is worth to regrettable. I feel sorry for this incident, but try try again so that they really consistent so that they can pay for your rights. I have read some tutorials, there is a cheat, but hopefully this will get a good response. I recommend to ask the webblog who introduced this to you, does he also experienced the same thing with you. I hope that all this could run smoothly. hopefully.

multi info said...

I came back here, hopefully now you've got what you want. thank you for visiting my blog in two. greetings of friendship always.

Dhemz said...

na ginoo ko...scam mana sila te woi...ako ni abot na ug 200..nya until now wala pa jud ko nabayari...maong ako nalang g tangtang akong account sa are not alone..a lot of bloggers got scammed too!

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