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Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Bed and Thinking

We have a new bed, a king size bed! Well, I think it just fit us! My husband used to sleep on the floor because he cannot sleep well due to our daughter's movement while asleep, she is moving 360 degrees. That is why we decided to purchase a new bed. At first, I thought a Queen Size will do but since the price of the king size bed is reasonable, we decided to get it. Now my daughter can move freely without having her foot hitting our faces! However, I am planning to pair it with a side table but I am still looking for the right one. I also wanted to purchase new furniture for our new home at the farm. I am still looking for discount furniture yet striking. I am thinking of having a comfortable sofa, dividers and closet to fit in. I am thinking of having Philippine Native look set up to match up our bamboo walls. I hope I can find some good stuff. As for me, I usually look for a quality made and attractive furniture yet not expensive. I like to add or mix some furniture to add accent in the interior. I just hope I could choose it right.

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