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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Davao Spots

Eversince I was a child, Davao was and continued to be my favorite city here in the Philippines. There are a lot spots to go. If you want to savor fresh hydroponic lettuce and other vegetables or different culinary herbs, have a visit at Eden Nature Park. They also have plantation of fruit bearing trees such as lanzones, mangosten, durian and a lot more. You can also take your plunge at their cool swimming pool. And if you are adventurous, try their zip line and Indiana Jones. You can also visit Crocodile Farm, where you can find big crocodiles, pythons, ostrich, tiger, different collection of birds, goats etc. After the sighting their animals, you could unwind yourself by watching tribal dance and fire dance. And if you want to experience eating exotic foods such as ostrich or crocodile, take your hop at River Walk Restaurant. Actually, I tried ostrich steak and it is delicious! If you long for white sand beaches, you could visit Samal Island, about a 15 minute ride via ferry. And if you are audacious enough, take Maxima Aquafun's slide to Abyss, another beach resort in Samal. Those are the few places which I regularly visit when I am in Davao.

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eden said...

Beautiful place.

di jud ko kalimot ani nga place..hehehe.. love to visit there one day

cagayan de oro resorts said...

I've been in that place before. the beauty of that place is really awesome. i highly recommend this place to those people who are looking for memorable vacation.

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