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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Baby Dog

With My Dog at a Beach

Last week, we went to the beach and brought Ranger along. He had a great time swimming with us. Two years ago, he was so small and he just lie on my lap, but now, he is so big. I usually call him, 'Boy-boy" other than Ranger. He loves to eat rice with fishes. He does not like to eat dog food or can goods. He likes his food to be cooked. So spoiled!

By the way, I was not able to tell you about this story : My daughter would oftentimes asked me and my hubby why she had no sister nor a brother. I just told her that she has a brother. . . our German Sherherd dog, Ranger. Then she again told me, "Mama, can you please give me another brother, please not a dog!" So I just smiled and told her that we will make one next time. I know that she wants a playmate. And you know what she next told me? She said' " Please show me how you and papa make a baby." So we really laughed real hard! So we just told her that it is a secret and by the time she is of age, she will also learn how to do it. I never expected to hear such statement from her.

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