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Friday, December 11, 2009

Garage Sale

My husband's godmother told us that a friend of her wants to move back to Hongkong and settle there for good. Since she will be leaving, she is selling all her stuff including 3 slightly used Air conditioner. So we went to her home last Wednesday and we decided to buy the 3 airconditioner to resell it to others, ofcourse with a little profit. ssshhhhh!

Talking about aircon, my sister is having a problem with her car air conditioner. She asked my husband to bring her car to fix her car's problem. My husband told me that he will bring the car of my sister to the service center tomorrow. I hope that will be fixed soon! When I told my sister that her car will be at the service center tomorrow, she jokingly told me that she wish she had a BMW so that she will no longer have any issue with the bmw ac compressor! Actually, I wish for a BMW too!

1 comment:

tooth whitening said...

nice article, and where your husbands godmother friend now was sold the garage,,

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