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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Am Back!

Just imagine my last post was dated October 7 and today is already the 22nd day of October! Wow I had a long gap of entry here! Anyway, there are a lot of things happened in between those dates. But I guess not so important, except those days when I was tasked by my brother to entertain some people who were visiting our stall. Actually, we have joined in the city's cosechas, a 2-week display of our city's products such as fruits, vegetable, flowers and a lot more. As for us, we had showcase our organic farm goods such as grapes, strawberries, apples, herbs and our bridal flower. It was so tiring but fulfilling knowing that we had introduced and made organic farming possible in our place.

Ooooppps! before I forget I promise last time that I will share some photos.

On our way to Dipolog, we saw a rainbow and can't help myself but to take some shots.

Here are the pics taken in Fantasy land and Dakak!


Dorothy L said...

What great photos....It sure looks like everyone was enjoying their trip:)

Thanks for sharing all of your family fun :)

susan said...

nice photos..

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