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Monday, September 14, 2009

A Happy Night and a Frightened One

Last Friday night, 11 September, was a happy night for us because we have watched the concert of Sarah Geronimo, a well-known singer here in the Philippines. After watching the concert, all of us 14 went to Jollibee to grab some midnight snack because we were all hungry. We went home around 1 a.m. My daughter was already asleep on our way home.

Last Saturday, we went to our farm to relax and had a sort of a reunion since my sister residing in Davao was spending her maternity leave with us. After eating our dinner, we were all preparing to go home. My daughter grab some chips to eat on the way home. While we were were traveling, my daughter was singing, "just enjoy the song, I want my money back, I want my money back", afterwards, she coughed so hard until she was grasping for air. My husband immediately stopped the car and we jumped out to get our daughter out of the the car and induced vomiting because she can no longer breath. I was already shouting and crying and at the same time thinking what to do next, we were about 25 km away from the hospital! My brother in law help in with my hubby. After a few seconds, I heard my daughter said, "I am already okey". We were so relieved that she was able to vomit and can already breath well. I immediately hugged and kiss my daughter and told her that I really love her. I was really crying, so afraid to lose her. I really thank GOD that my daughter is strong otherwise she would have fainted. And now she was already afraid to eat and sing at the same time,

So you see? I had a happy Friday night and a frightened Saturday night.


burn said...

Wheel of life. Now we are happy but tomorrow will something.. Thanks God that she's ok. Layo pa naman sa hospital.. It is really good to know some first aid.

I hope that you will visit me back.

Dorothy L said...

I have experienced that myself and it is horrifying.

Potato chips and hard candy are very dangerous for kids.

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